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Guitar stands, one of those things that go under the radar for players. We don’t often talk about them with our musician friends; we just swing by the store and pick one up. Of course, there are different varieties – wall hangers, tripod stands, and regular foldable holders.

This article is here to communicate that choosing the right stand for a given situation is crucial. We have selected what we believe to be a pretty good bunch of stands. Here we will talk about the features of our best selected acoustic guitar stands. The guitar stand keeps the acoustic guitar in its cradle, and it is important that the acoustic guitar feels safe. If you have too big or too small of a stand, the guitar will inevitably fall out. If you have a stand that is an ill fit, you might also cause accidents. The stands are made of different materials, sit in different price ranges, and hold different instruments.

All this and more is what we will look at. For an even more detailed view of what to consider when buying guitar stands, visit the buyers’ guide at the bottom of this listing.

First off, we have a guitar stand from Amazon themselves. We seldom get to feature a product from Amazon as they are not best known for their music products, but this guitar stand from the AmazonBasics product line seems like it has everything you need. The name of the product line speaks for itself. It is a basic stand. About as basic as they come. There are both ups and downs to that, but if you’d like to get this purchase out the way and move onto other things such as straps, amplifiers, etc., this is a safe bet.


Odds are you’ve seen a guitar stand that looks like this if you’ve ever seen a guitar stand. That is because the Folding A-Frame design works extremely well. It stands firmly on the ground and works splendidly to support both acoustic and electric guitars as well as electric/acoustic bass guitars. The AmazonBasics Stand is adjustable to three different width settings, making it suitable for almost any instrument. Some soft foam to take extra care of the guitar, nothing strange going on here. It can fold in easily so that you can carry it around.

All-around positive features and a pretty average price as well. Maybe slightly above average. This guitar stand is good to go but does not stand out in any remarkable way. The only case where this guitar stand might not be a good choice is for extremely small or jumbo-sized guitars, and it will be the case for most products in this listing. If you are looking for something that can be easily carried around, hold on. We have chosen products that are better suited for that purpose.

Acoustic Guitar Stand Rosewood

Acoustic Guitar Stand Rosewood
GuitarGuide Rank


  • Stylish

  • Good Value


  • Hard To Get

Next up is a rare stand. This stand is made from Rosewood, which is strictly regulated for trade across the globe. This stand is currently unavailable from most retailers, but if you manage to find one second-hand or from a retailer, this stand is a must-have. Not only for the style and the beautiful rosewood finish but because it is an extremely functional piece of equipment.

Looks Aside

This stand is designed to work with most stringed instruments, small to big—Ukulele, banjo, french horn – you name it. The stand is easily foldable with some minor adjustments by the allen wrench, and all the points of contact are padded with foam for extra comfort for the instrument. This stand will do anyone good.

When choosing wood over other material, a very distinct trade is made; you trade flexibility and durability for style. This guitar stand might not last as long or be as practical as the previous listing, but damn, does it look good. Anyway, that’s the sum of it. Nothing more to say about this guitar stand.

Ultimate Support GS-55 Genesis Series Ultra Compact

Ultimate Support GS-55 Genesis Series Ultra Compact
GuitarGuide Rank


  • Flexible

  • Small


  • Unsteady Build

This guitar stand does not have your standard shape. We feature this stand because it is a cheap and nimble option for anyone who needs a guitar stand to carry around. This stand can carry much more than it looks capable of, like an ant. It has pockets for picks, a lock function, so it stands firmly and is suited for acoustic/electric guitar and bass.

Do’s and don’ts

You want to be careful with your intended instrument for this stand. It will hold perfectly well for any regular-sized guitar or bass that doesn’t weigh an abnormal amount. But if you want to go heavy or big, it is best to turn to another option. There isn’t enough carrying power in this to be comfortable that your instrument won’t fall. Where this guitar stand completely dominates is how flexible it is.

It can be stuffed into any case, bag or crevice and brought along to wherever. With this stand, you have to be extra careful when handling your instrument, as it will pretty much free fall if tipped over. But for the excellent price, fair quality, and exceptional flexibility, this guitar standstill fits its niche and deserves a place on this list.

Donner Portable Guitar Stand DS-2

Donner Portable Guitar Stand
GuitarGuide Rank


  • Small and Nimble

  • Very Cheap


  • Light Build

Here we have another guitar stand that is designed with the typical foldable style. This one is slightly more unique than the first feature, though. The Donner DS-2 (not to be confused with the famous BOSS DS-2 Distortion Pedal) has pretty much everything needed to support any acoustic guitar. This stand is good by itself, but it competes mostly with the previous listing within this article.

Different Stands For Different Jobs

The competition is decided on which stand is the best at being carried around in a neat package. The Donner DS-2 is foldable and fits comfortably in the palm of most people’s hands. In comparison to the GS-55, there is not much difference in terms of flexibility. It just becomes a choice of style/material/price instead. The Donner is made from ABS plastic and is actively marketed not to be used for any bass guitars. It means that the plastic material used here won’t be the most durable, and even Donner themselves are aware of this.

It will work super well for any average acoustic or electric guitar, do not put something heavy on this stand. Ending on a good note, this stand was chosen because of how cheap it is compared to what you can use it for. It is probably the most practical choice on this list. Don’t have your bass buddy put their instrument to rest on the DS-2 though that might turn into the least dignified funeral to this day.

GLEAM Guitar Stand (CG-4)

GLEAM Guitar Stand (CG-4)
GuitarGuide Rank


  • Holds Most Sizes

  • Very Safe


  • Easier To Tip Over

Lastly, we introduce a new type of stand. It is a typical shape for guitar stands, and at first glance, it might look impractical. The fact is that the GLEAM CG 4 is super supportive for almost any acoustic guitar. Again, it is not fitted for the biggest of acoustic guitars but can hold enough weight to support electric bass guitars.


The frame for this piece is made from iron, and the slightly leaning design ensured that the instrument is kept safe and in place. The CG 4 from GLEAM comes at an affordable price. This stand might not be the best for someone that wants a quick and easy option to carry around. Although it folds quite easily, there are better options, as this article has shown. It is an excellent, affordable stand that is best used in a studio/home environment. For extra safety and as you can see from pictures, this guitar stand also has an additional strap that goes around the instrument’s neck and locks it in place.

The only issue with this piece’s design is that the entire piece is more prone to tip over due to the length of the frame. For some, this might not be the go-to. It is a very beginner-friendly guitar stand with reasonably good quality components and a lifetime warranty included.

Best Acoustic Guitar Stand – Buyers’ Guide

When it comes to buying the right guitar stand for your instrument, there is a lot more to consider than what we can fit inside this article. We will try to cover the basics of the most important things here.


Overall, you want to make sure that whatever finish you have on your instrument does not react to the guitar stand’s contact points. As listed in the table of comparison at the top of this listing, different stands use different materials for these contact points. Not to get too deeply about it, but be wary that this is a fact. Most products that accompany your guitar (capos, strings, straps etc.) run the risk of somehow damaging your instrument, and it is crucial to know why and how to prevent it. If you have an extra exclusive coating, it might be worth it to play it safe and just put a microfiber towel or something similar between the contact points and your instrument.

Another damage that should be prevented is never placing your acoustic guitar in too big or too small of a stand. In most cases, you should be able to intuitively tell if the guitar stand is too big or too small. Do not set up that instrument for the failure of the highest degree.

Different materials/mechanisms

There are plenty of different designs when it comes to guitar stands. The difference between the foldable design and the upright design (like the last listing of this article) is usually price. Foldable stands are typically a bit more expensive. Overall, the foldable stands are a little more stable, but if you pay a few bucks extra, there is no difference between a foldable and an upright stand regarding how much they can carry.

It becomes a stylistic choice at that point. If you are only looking for something that will carry your instrument with certainty, get a wall hanging stand. There is a reason why most guitar shops cover their walls with these; it is the most practical and safe option. But there is also a huge reason you should pick up one of the stands in this article rather than a wall-mounted guitar hanger. That is because of accessibility. If you are in a home studio environment, the distance from your hanger wall might not seem long looking at it now, but when you are in the flow of creating a piece of music, it is crucial to have the guitar ready to go within arms reach. Another obvious reason for getting a guitar stand is performance.

All of the different stands in this article have varying degrees of quality for live performance use, the best probably being a tie between the GLEAM CG 4 and the Amazon guitar stand. But the point stands that if you see a guitar not being used, laying on the stage of a live performance, run. Everyone there has completely lost their minds. It would be best if you had a stand for every instrument.

Whether the frame of the guitar stand is constructed from plastic or iron, look at the design and evaluate how you think it would work with your situation. Look at demos to determine if it would suit your particular instrument. Different materials obviously mean different costs, and this means different qualities. Since guitar stands take quite a bit of stress from constantly holding the weight of an instrument, you’d best pick something that can hold your instrument without taking too much damage. If you have something like a jazz guitar and want to share stands with your acoustic guitar, you need something robust and suited for a broader range of instruments.

Furthermore, another convenient design is the multi guitar stand. These are extremely commonly found in studios/home studios alike. If you are a player purchasing your second guitar stand and third or fourth guitar, it might be worth taking a deep breath and go for the slightly more expensive but ever more practical multi-stand option.


That about settles it. There is not much more to be made aware of. Go out, do your own research and hop down to your local store to try some stands out to see how they suit you in real life. The guitar stands that have been listed in this article are all good choices for your acoustic guitar. Some are better suited for a wide range of instruments, and some prioritize durability over flexibility and vice versa. It is about knowing for what purpose you want your stand and taking it from there.

Do you need a permanent guitar stand that will stand in your home and make your guitar look pretty and feel safe? Go for something bulky, sturdy, and maybe a bit more pricey as the Rosewood Stand featured above.

Do you need a travel buddy to help you in between jam sessions? There are options here for every need.

One last point to note is that this article mainly covers beginner to intermediate products. It is because the vast majority of single-unit guitar stands that are sold go to beginner and intermediate players. We want to help as many as possible. There are pricier options, with higher quality and more significant assurance of safety.

But this article has your bread and butter for every given musical scenario where you need quick access and safe support for your acoustic guitar.

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