BOSS FRV-1 Review (2019) – BOSS ’63 Fender Reverb Pedal

BOSS FRV-1 63 Fender Reverb – guitar pedal, which was released by the famous company BOSS. It has become a full-fledged device that allows you to produce a favorite effect of guitarists – reverberation. BOSS FRV-1 is a compact and modern pedal that fits in every guitar pedalboard.

Not only the sound is unique, but also the story of creation. The pedal itself became a product, which appeared as a result of the work of two great companies – Fender and BOSS.

The developers of both giants did their best to create a unique sound in this industry. It is a continuation of the legendary combo Fender Reverb 63 with the addition of a new unique modeling technology – COSM.

Such a small compact pedal can produce a classic tube sound of the reverb.

What is COSM technology?

It is a digital simulation technology that allows you to achieve the original and incredible combo amplifier sound at small compact sizes. The pedal’s popularity is due to the combination of a high level of sound effects, durability, strength, and reliability of components.

BOSS FRV-1 ’63 Fender Reverb can create a light reverberation and a dense, oily sound. It can also perform a subdued and sparkling tone.

Another advantage of the pedal is a durable and reliable body. The recognizable brown color of the BOSS Fender Reverb, as well as simple control of the parameters using a set of handles. The pedal is made in the floor version of a durable aluminum alloy.

A high-quality rubber coating eliminates accidental slip when the pedal is operated.

The battery is under the pedal.

The following controls represent control:
Mixer – adjusts the level of the effect in the mix;
Tone – changes the tonal color;
Dwell – regulates the duration, as well as the depth of sound.

Unique Features of BOSS FRV-1

  • The unique sound of effects;
  • Easy control and adjustment with knobs;
  • Soft, warm, vintage sound;
  • Unique COSM technology;
  • Stylish retro body design;
  • Sturdy, reliable body made of high-quality aluminum;
  • LED indication.

BOSS FRV-1 with combo

My experience and thoughts about BOSS FRV-1 (Fender Reverb)

The pedal is styled under the antiquity, and specifically under the same Fender’s legendary reverb that made the world of music happy by its appearance first somewhere in 1961. A bit later – the already improved model, the version of 1963. Surely you heard about it, and you saw it.

A kind of suitcase, in fact, is a reverb lotion. There are naturally no speakers, but there are long springs inside the case, and besides, this lamp case is also available.

Being an avid surf music fan, I can safely say that this Fender player’s reverb was very fond in those years to musicians who played surf.

At first, it’s got all in the depth of vibration and warm sound. There’s no “plastic,” like with the Marshall’s reverb, and also the presence of a characteristic spring-like sound that resembles the sound of falling drops.

If you are a fan of spring reverb, you will like the records of bands like Lively Ones, Messer Chups, The Bitch Boys, Palermo Surf Experience – these are all surfers.

Why does the conversation go to the side of the surf?

This pedal is suitable for this kind of music in the best way.

Although the manufacturer claims that this Reverb is a star in the country, blues, jazz… But my opinion is different here.

And now about the sound

BOSS FRV-1Yes, this is the same surf sound, the same watery twang as on old records.

It’s excellent to simulate the sound of a spring-like quack, especially noticeable when playing pizzicato. The reverse is dying out gradually, it can not be said, that half an hour, but it does not stop instantly.

Turn all the knobs to the right you hardly have to – a brightly tangible reverb turns out already when the pens are in the middle.

But is everything so good?

Can this small pedal replace a bulky tube suitcase?… actually Yes.

But something is missing. Perhaps precisely those same harmonics or overtones that the lamp creates.

Specifications of BOSS Fender Rever Pedal


  • INPUT: (1/4″ TS);
  • OUTPUT: (1/4″ TS);
  • Connector for AC adapter.
  • Input resistance within 1 mΩ;
  • Output resistance is 1 kΩ;
  • Powered by an AC adapter or a “crown” type battery;
  • Weight – 420 grams.

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