Joyo Tremolo JF-09 Review

Joyo Tremolo JF-09 Review 2020 – Cheap Tremolo Pedal

Today we will take a look at one of the Joyo brand pedals and make a small modification to improve it a little more, if possible. Joyo is a Chinese brand that manufactures pedals, mainly designs copied from other brands (Boss, Fulltone, MXR, Pro Co, Xotic, Tech 21, etc.). They are sufficiently modified not to have problems with the law. You can find these pedals under other names like Harley Benton, but the pedal is the same, as we will see now.

For those who do not know, the tremolo is an effect that produces decreases and volume increases in the signal of the instrument at a certain speed, set by the Rate control. This effect can be more subtle or more pronounced by adjusting the Intensity control. It used to be installed on the first Fender and Vox amplifiers.

The pedal of today, in particular, is a tremolo effect analog and with the optical cell, the old style of Fender amplifier circuits, and hence it’s warm sound. It is also True Bypass, so it will not color your guitar’s tone when it is off and the price, currently, is $37,99. What is unique about this pedal? Well, in fact, everything: primary effect, that sounds very good, that behaves well in your chain of effects and is also super economical.

Although its aluminum box design could be something more beautiful, the controls and the switch have a robust touch. The power LED flashes at the speed at which the RATE control is set (which is a great help when it comes to setting it up). It can be powered by a 9V adapter of all types (Boss type) or with a pile.

I’ve had two different tremolo pedals in the last few years, much more expensive than the Joyo: the Earthquacker Devices Hummingbird and the Boss TR2. The JF-09 is undoubtedly the closest thing to the tremolo effect included in my Fender Princeton Reverb Blackface.

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